5 weeks or less away from Baby #3!!

The countdown is on. We’ve reached November, and my third baby girl is due sometime in the next 5 weeks, I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone and that I will be officially a Mama to 3 little ladies! Who would have ever thought! But I am thrilled and cannot wait to do this one more time, even though the nerves of getting through another birth and first weeks with a newborn don’t seem to get any lighter, even at the third go around. At least there are things I have learned that can prepare me this time to hopefully make life a bit easier and  sleep more possible in the first several weeks to months with an infant. I’m sure this doesn’t go for every baby on the planet, but I can safely say for my own two daughters; they hated being put down to sleep on their backs, flat in a bassinet. From the moments they came into the world at the hospital, and up until 5-6 months when they could turn on their own in a crib – they could go from being in a sound sleep in your arms or in a carseat or swing – to wide awake being put down flat on their backs in a bassinet. So what can parents do to ensure sleep for their new bundles and themselves, while keeping their babies safe following the best guidelines you know how to prevent SIDS. Well it took until #3 for me to discover the Rocker Sleeper, similar to a bassinet which can be placed next to your bed, but has a comfy tilt and more upright position so that baby isn’t flat. The Fisher Price Rocker Sleeper has both a vibrating, swinging and music button to help rock baby to sleep, which was really helpful in getting and keeping our daughter asleep. I want to say my husband picked this up and brought it home 2-3 weeks after she was born and was a real sleep saver for us. Of course she was still up every few hours to feed, but she went down and stayed asleep far longer than she would have in our bassinet. So wouldn’t you know when my new nephew was born 8 weeks ago and they hit that 2 week point of no sleep as he wouldn’t stay sleeping when they put him down, my husband offered up our Rocker Sleeper which was sitting downstairs awaiting our new arrival. He has been using it and sleeping much better ever since.   So now that we are so close to D-Day I told my husband it was time to order another rocker sleeper because we don’t want to ask my brother and sister in law for it back since he is doing so well in it and I remember my daughter slept in hers until her feet were literally dangling out of it at around 5 months, so they could still get a good several weeks use out of it before transferring him to the crib.


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