Staying grounded during a pandemic

I would have never thought that during this Coronavirus outbreak I would at moments actually be silently applauding myself with how I was handling it mentally and emotionally. Coming from someone who has always dealt with germ ocd and does not always adjust well to minor changes; nevermind drastic ones like this – Although I for sure have my panic, feeling of doom moments, I’ve been able to find ways to set my fears aside so that I don’t drive myself insane and I can remain a functioning human. So just a few thoughts to share that may help put your mind at ease if you’ve watched too many news updates today, and you are feeling frenzied :

1. We have to let go of things we cannot control. It makes sense though, right? No amount of worrying or staying calm is going to change the outcome – how many people become infected or how much more the outbreak could affect our lives. We are better off staying as grounded as we can and keeping our stress levels low as possible, and go with the flow.

2. I have heard that a few astrologers are saying these types of widespread pandemics occur only so often and on an energetic level where people on a large scale are out of alignment and need to be brought back down and forced to be still. Not that this necessarily brings comfort, but a larger purpose that we can make sense of on some level can help us look at it in a different way that doesn’t make it feel so random and out of control.
So we’re seeing people come together to help fight this nasty virus, and show many acts of kindness and generosity – which ultimately shift energy from fear to love and on a worldwide level is the healing and reset that is needed to move forward.

3. This too shall pass – Although it may be interrupting life like nothing we’ve ever seen and throwing wrenches into all kinds of plans and routines, this pandemic will eventually subside and pass and we will quickly return to our normal everyday hectic lives. This for sure is forcing us to slow down and spend more time with our families – we might as well make the best of it and enjoy this extra time with our kids or spouses that we may not have otherwise gotten. So we should embrace this quiet time at home and also use it to catch up on any cleaning or organizing we have been putting off because we are always on the go. Shut off the news for a bit, turn on some music and go through some closets or organize some cabinets in your kitchen. Its a good distraction from the fear and an opportunity to feel accomplished and more organized, bam!

4. So important during a time like this is to be sure to devote some time to yourself and self-care. It may still be challenging as a lot of us have now taken on the new role of homeschooling and cleverly  planning our shopping trips around that and when the least amount of people will be out – but even if it is for a bit in the morning or at night just take some time to do something relaxing and reflect on how things are going. Take a warm bath with your favorite oils and candle, read, meditate or do some yoga. It will help keep you more balanced and ready for whats next and to handle the current situation and chaos around it so much better.

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